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This is how it works -
keep playing UT3!

There are 2 ways to replace Ut3.exe

  1. by replacing manually

    window patch for ut3
    This is a ready file to
    exchange with the original one

    Go to UT3 install destination
    (e.g. C:/Unreal Tournament)

    There is a Binaries folder inside (....\Unreal Tournament 3\Binaries)
    - Steam version can differ for
    install destinations/Binaries
    Rename the original Ut3.exe inside Binaries folder to Ut3.exe.bak
    (in case you need it again sometime).

    Now copy the openspy patch into the same folder and rename it to UT3.exe (if not yet done)

  2. by installer

    Downlaod installer Steam

    also for Mac or Linux
    (external link)

    also for Mac or Linux
    (external link)

After replacing/ patching

  1. If you have patched the file
    start the game
    but don't Login yet

    First you need to create new
    account the 1st time because
    your Username has to be written
    into new openspy database
    Just use your common Username/Pass

    This is working for all UT3 Server that are using

    The former way by
    'playing offline' will not work!

Unreal Tournament 3 still going on!

January 2023

There is life afterwards. Even if Epic has finally shut down its old master servers. Fortunately, there are always people who share a passion and are committed to it. And just because games are considered old in terms of marketing strategies and investment return doesn't mean they aren't good.
Unreal Tournament's gameplay is still some of the best and most challenging around.
Granted, the graphics aren't up to date, but you don't have to spend vast sums on high-end graphics cards for that. Well, admittedly, it could use a little moderate refreshing.

I don't understand Epic. Why aren't they creative and continue to develop the story of UT3 instead of reinventing the wheel?
Various mods, such as the Sentinels, show how much potential there still is. Why not improve the game in programming? Anticheat, netplay, hit accuracy ...
Well, money always plays a bigger role than reputation. Actually, Epic has developed a really great game. The Unreal Engine has grown with it and is not famous for its class for nothing.
Let's see if and what Epic will bring us with the ominous UT3X.
Have fun on the Ultimate servers. How you can continue to play, we show on this page.

'openspy' instead of gamespy (or Epic)

As you know, Gamespy was discontinued some time ago. With a small patch of the UT3.exe you could log in with your account and play. Admittedly somewhat limited, but the most important, the servers and players were visible. But after the servers were switched off, this also no longer worked. You could/can help yourself by playing offline with your nick and then using the console command 'open' and the corresponding IP address (and port if necessary) to switch to the servers.

Unfortunately you can't see which servers are available and if or who is online.
Openspy is a small counterpart to Gamespy. You can log in again and you can see players and servers again. You only have to patch the original UT3.exe.